Model 990.FB

Enviro-Seal, All-Welded Diaphragm Seal

Flanged Connection

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  • Process industry diaphragm seal to combine with Bourdon tube pressure gauges.
  • Intended for corrosive, contaminated, hot or viscous pressure media.

Special Features

  • All-Welded Design
  • Flanged Process Connection
  • Taped Holes in Lower Housing

Internal diaphragm, upper and lower housing welded; requires hydraulic fluid to transmit pressure to the instrument.

Process Connection
Size: ½" to 2" per ASME B16.5
Class: 150# to 1500#

Instrument Connection
Capillary, ¼" or ½" NPT-female

Suitable Pressure Ranges
Typically for Bourdon tube gauges 15 psi to 1500 psi

Available Options
(connections, materials, flushing ports, etc.)
See Selection Guide on data sheet. Contact factory for special designs.

Volumetric Data
Displacement typically for 2.1" SS diaphragm ΔV = 1.37cm3
Total cavity volume Vo = 2.4 cm3

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