Model 910.32.250

Miniature Cooling Adaptor with Micro-Siphon

700°F (370°C)

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  • For threaded pressure measuring instruments in high temperature applications exceeding the allowable media temperature range of the instrument.
  • Can be used for corrosive media that is compatible to 316L stainless steel
  • Siphon for steam, hot vapors and liquids
  • Stainless steel version for corrosive media and corrosive ambient conditions
  • Process industry: mechanical engineering, plant construction, chemical/petro-chemical, power stations,
    and environmental technology

Product Features

  • For media temperatures up to 700°F (370°C) if used on instruments with stainless steel wetted parts.

  • For media pressures up to 3000 psi. (207 bar)
  • Integrated siphon for steam, hot vapors and liquids
  • Body made of 316L stainless steel with aluminum heat sinks
  • For non-steam applications - use item 910.32.200

Description                                                                      Material

For high temperature, confined space applications
this cooling adapter adds a siphon to WIKA’s type
910.32.200, which already offers the best cooling
efficiency in the industry. Now this same form factor can be used in steam applications providing additional protection to attached instruments.

Infrared lab testing demonstrates cooling efficiency up to 2.9°C/mm – more than twice that of competing products. Negligible burn risk when compared to traditional pigtail/coil siphons.

316L stainless steel


1/2”NPT female x 1/2”NPT male

Pressure Rating

Max. 6500 psi (450 bar) at a temperature of 500°F (260°C)

1.5 lbs. (675 g)

Part Number

52873114 (1/2”NPT-F x 1/2”NPT-M with heatsink 3.1 NACE)

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