Model 910.18.100

4-1/2" Pressure Gauge Protective Cover

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  • For use in chemical and petrochemical applications to protect the gauge from chemical spills and splashes
  • Ideally in the paint and coating industry to protect the gauge from accidental sprays with paint and other liquid or powdery substances
  • For use in environments that are contaminated with small solidifying particles such as in the pulp and paper industry
  • Designed to be used on WIKA’s 4-1/2" ProcessType Gauges

Special Features

  • Snaps onto the outside of the 4-1/2" process gauge case without the need of any tools
  • Clear plastic cover without any obstruction of viewing area
  • Tight fit despite easy installation and removal


In many applications pressure gauges are exposed to all types of spills, splashes and other environmental contaminations. Chemical splashes can compromise or even destroy the viewing area, thus posing a hazard in critical situations if the pressure can no longer be read.

The protective cover model 910.18.100 is the ideal solution to protect WIKA’s 2XX.34 4-1/2" or 232.34DD 4-1/2" process gauge series from such occurrences. The protective cover can be easily installed and replaced in the field and is a very inexpensive solution preventing down time and service calls that can result in replacing the gauge. 


Clear PVC, 0.025" (25 mil) thick

Flammability Rating
V-0 per UL94

Part Number

4-1/2" Pressure Gauge Protective Cover
  • 4-1/2" Pressure Gauge Protective Cover
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