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Siphon Safety Cage

Type 910.15.300

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  • To protect operators from exposure to extreme heat radiating from siphons in steam applications.
  • Allows air circulation to reach the siphon and enhance the cooling and condensation process.

Standard Features

  • Designed to fit most standard 1/2" NPT pigtail and coil siphons.
  • Simple and quick installation in the field by snapping the clamps onto the siphon.
  • Front and back of the cage is connected with a hinge for easy access.
  • All stainless steel construction


Siphons are typically used to protect pressure instruments in steam service or other hot vapor applications. Many plants use siphon wraps and thermally isolate siphons to protect workers from potential burn injuries. However, thermal insulations on siphons also prevent the basic function to condense vapor into water and thus creating a protective barrier between the hot steam and the pressure gauge.

WIKA developed a special protective cage which encloses the siphon and protects workers from potential burn injuries when accidentally touching hot siphons.

The WIKA protective cage fits most standard pigtail and coil siphons with 1/2" NPT connection. Pressure Connection


304 stainless steel

For use with
Most common 1/2" NPT pigtail and coil siphons with an OD of approx. 0.85 inches (22 mm)
Not for use with 1/4" NPT mini siphons

1.1 lbs. (0.5 kg)

For coil siphon use center clamps
For pigtail siphon use right clamps
Note: Only one siphon to be assembled at a time.

Part Number

Siphon Safety Cage
  • Siphon Safety Cage
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