Models 910.12.100, 910.12.200, 910.12.300

Snubbers for pressure gauges

Porous, Piston and Adjustable Type Gauge Snubbers

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Applications for Pressure Gauge Snubbers

Pressure gauge snubbers are intended to suppress the effect of pressure pulses and pressure peaks, which are common reasons for gauge failure. Porous snubbers incorporate a fixed mesh disk. Piston snubbers are supplied with five pistons for use with a variety of media. Adjustable pressure gauge snubbers are provided with an adjustable needle valve that enables the operator to restrict the flow as operating conditions may demand even when the snubber is in service.

Pressure gauge snubbers will considerably increase the service life of pressure gauges in harsh applications such as on reciprocating pumps and compressors, hydraulic presses or fluid power systems and will additionally improve the reading accuracy of the gauge.

Special features of Pressure Gauge Snubbers

Pressure Connection
¼" NPT or ½ NPT male x female (see selection chart)

Body Material
Brass or stainless steel

Piston Material (Type 910.12.200)
Stainless steel

Needle Valve Material (Type 910.12.300)
Stainless steel

O-Ring Material (Type 910.12.300)
Brass: Buna-N
Stainless Steel: FPM (Viton®)

Pressure Rating
Brass: 3000 psi - 5000 psi
Stainless Steel: 5000 psi - 15,000 psi

Temperature Rating
14°F to 248°F (-10°C to 120°C)

Optional Extras (By Special Order)

  • Pressure Connection: G ¼ B, G ½ B
  • Degreased for oxygen service, maximum 725 psi at 60°C
  • Material certificate per 3.1.B to EN 10 204

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