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Pressure gauge cock

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Applications of the pressure gauge cock

Pressure gauge cocks provide an economical way to shut off the flow of air to the pressure instrument, thereby allowing the instrument to be isolated from the pressure media or removed from service. WIKA Gauge Cocks are constructed from brass and are intended for use on air lines where leakage is not of concern.

Note of the pressure gauge cock

In applications where process media leakage may result in possible personal injury or property damage, pressure gauge cocks should not be specified as they contain no packing gland and leakage may result. For tight shut-off and prevention of leakage, use of a WIKA Needle Valve is required.

Standard Features of the pressure gauge cock

Maximum pressure rating
200 psi

Operating temperature
Media:     max. +140°F (93°C)
                min. 0°F (-18°C
Ambient:  max. +140°F (93°C)
                min. 0°F (-18°C)

Valve Body Material

Valve Stem Material

Valve Handle Material
Brass - available with "T" or lever type handle

Stem Seal Material

Standard Threaded Connection Size

  • ¼" NPT FxF ("T" Handle)
  • ¼" NPT FxM ("T" Handle)
  • ¼" NPT FxF ("Lever" Handle)
  • ½" NPT FxF ("Lever" Handle)
  • ½" NPT FxM ("Lever" Handle)
Pressure gauge cock, model 910.10

Pressure gauge cock, model 910.10

  • Pressure gauge cock, model 910.10
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