Model 73

Gas-actuated thermometer

Stainless steel version

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Applications of the gas-actuated thermometer

    • General process instrumentation in the chemical and petrochemical industries, oil and gas industries, energy and water/wastewater industries
    • Universally suitable for machine building, plant, tank, equipment manufacturing and food industry
    • Temperature measurement without medium contact
    • Mounting in instrument boards, control cabinets, control panels

Special features of the gas-actuated thermometer

    • Scale ranges from -200 ... +700 °C [-328 ... +1.292 °F]
    • Fast response behaviour
    • Case and stem from stainless steel
    • Various connection and case mounting designs

Description of the gas-actuated thermometer

The model 73 gas-actuated thermometer has been developed and is manufactured in accordance with the EN 13190 standard. This high-quality thermometer has been designed especially for the requirements of the process industry. The thermometer, completely manufactured from stainless steel, is used particularly successfully in the chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, and power engineering industries.

To allow optimum fitting to the process, individual insertion lengths and process connections are available. The thermometers have a high ingress protection of IP65 and can be used in outdoor applications even at negative temperatures. With liquid damping operation under high vibration conditions is possible.

Due to the wide variety of possible designs, the model 73 gas-actuated thermometers can be perfectly adapted to any process connection or location.

With the contact bulb version, temperature measurements are possible without any contact with the medium, even when the pipe diameter is extremely small. The contact bulb is intended for external mounting on pipes and tanks.

When it comes to harsh climatic conditions at the place of use, the model 73 is the right choice, as it can be used at temperatures ranging from -40 °C [-40 °F] to +60 °C [140 °F] (optionally also up to -50 °C [-58 °F] or -70 °C [-94 °F] in the POLARgauge® version).

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