Models 614.11, 634.11

Capsule pressure gauge, copper alloy or stainless steel

Edgewise panel design

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  • For gaseous, dry and non-aggressive media that will not attack copper alloy parts
  • Model 614.11: Measuring system copper alloy
    Model 634.11: Measuring system stainless steel, also for aggressive media

Special Features

    • Low scale ranges from 0 ... 2.5 mbar
    • Panel mounting
    • Zero point setting in front


The model 614.11 and 634.11 capsule pressure gauges are based upon the proven capsule measuring system. The capsule measuring principle is particularly suitable for low pressures. On pressurisation, the expansion of the capsule element, proportional to the incident pressure, is transmitted to the movement and indicated.

The modular design enables a multitude of combinations of case materials, process connections, nominal sizes and scale ranges. Due to this high variance, regarding design and back mount connection, the instrument is suitable for panel mounting in a wide range of applications.

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