Models 532.52, 532.53, 532.54

Absolute pressure gauge

Stainless steel version, with diaphragm element

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Applications for an Absolute Pressure Gauge

  • Pressure measurement independent of fluctuations in the atmospheric pressure
  • For gaseous, liquid and aggressive media, also in aggressive ambience
  • Monitoring of vacuum pumps
  • Control of vacuum packing machines
  • Monitoring of condensation pressures and determination of the vapour pressure of liquids

Specifications for an Absolute Pressure Gauge

  • High overpressure safety
  • Long service life due to metallic media chamber sealing
  • Media chamber protected against unauthorized intervention DT-GM 86 08 176
  • Gauges compatible with switch contacts
  • Scale ranges from 0...10" H2O (25 mbar) absolute pressure

Description of an Absolute Pressure Gauge

Absolute pressure gauges are often used when readings must not be influenced by changes in atmospheric pressure. In absolute pressure, zero pressure is referred against total vaccum to provide measurements that are definite.

The measuring accuracy for WIKA's absolute pressure gauges is ensured for fluctuations in atmospheric pressure between 955 and 1,065 mbar (min. and max. of atmospheric pressure).

Accuracy class
Model 532.51 6" (160 mm): 0.6
Model 532.52: 1.0
Model 532.53: 1.6
Model 532.54: 2.5

Nominal size
4" & 6" (100 mm & 160 mm)

Scale ranges
0...10 H2O (25 mbar) to 0...360 psi (25 bar) absolute pressure

Pressure limitation
Steady: full scale value
Fluctuating: 0.9 x full scale value

Overpressure Safety
Minimum 15 psi (1 bar) absolute pressure (atmospheric pressure), in addition 10 x full scale value, max. 360 psi (25 bar) absolute pressure

Operating Temperature
Ambient: -4°F...140oF (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C)
Media: max. + 212°F (+100°C)

Temperature error
Additional error when temperature changes from
reference temperature of 68°F (20°C) ± 0.8% of span for every 18°F (10°K) rising or falling.

Ingress protection
NEMA 3 (IP 54 per EN 60529 / IEC 529)

Process connection (wetted)
316 Stainless steel, lower mount (LM)
1/2" NPT (male), 22 mm wrench flat

Pressure element (wetted)
≤ 100 H2O (0.25 bar): 316 Stainless steel
> 100" H2O (0.25 bar): NiCr-alloy (Inconel)

Measuring chamber (wetted)
316 Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Aluminum, white, black lettering

Adjustable pointer, aluminum, black

Stainless steel, with pressure relief disc
Gagues with liquid filling with compensating valve to vent case

Laminated safety glass

Bezel ring
Bayonet bezel

Mounting by means of:
Stem mounted
Mounting bracket for wall or pipe mounting (opton)
Panel or surface mounting flange (option)

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