Model 312.20

Test gauge, copper alloy

With Bourdon tube, class 0.6, NS 160

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Applications of the test gauge

  • For gaseous and liquid media that are not highly viscous or crystallising and will not attack copper alloy parts
  • Precision measurement in laboratories
  • High-accuracy pressure measurement
  • Testing of industrial type pressure gauges

Special features of the test gauge

  • Knife edge pointer for optimal accuracy of reading
  • Precise movement with wear parts of argentan
  • Scale ranges from 0 … 0.6 to 0 … 600 bar [0 ... 10 psi to 0 ... 10,000 psi]

Description of the test gauge

The model 312.20 mechanical test gauge has been specifically designed for the measurement of pressures with high accuracy. With its accuracy class of 0.6, the Bourdon tube pressure gauge is suitable for testing industrial type pressure gauges or for precision measurement in laboratories.

For the respective measuring requirement, a scale range between 0 ... 0.6 and 0 ... 600 bar [0 ... 10 psi to 0 ... 10,000 psi] can be selected.

The model 312.20 is constructed with a case from stainless steel and wetted parts from copper alloy. The instrument meets the requirements of the international industry standard EN 837-1 for Bourdon tube pressure gauges.

The optimal readability of the instrument, with a nominal size of 160 mm, is achieved via a knife edge pointer and a dial with fine divisions. Supported through the optional mirror band scale, the parallax error can be eliminated.

On request, a calibration certificate will be provided for this instrument.

Safe storage and transport is ensured by a transport case (accessory).

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