Model 1000-6D

Differential Pressure Test Gauge

Series 1000 6"

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  • Test, laboratory, and production applications

Special Features

  • These gauges have capsule-type pressure elements and pressure and
    static connections
  • High differential pressure is applied to the capsule; low pressure to the case
  • Available in 22 standard ranges
  • Combines aneroid convenience with liquid-column accuracy

Standard Features

6" dial

Scale length
Approx. 30" through 2 pointer revolutions

-30" Hg to 150 psi

0.1% of full scale

0.03% of full scale

0.01% of full scale

0.1% of full scale for all ranges except 150 psi or equivalent, which is 0.2% of full scale

Maximum temperature effect
0.1% of full scale per 10°C/50°F change from

Pressure element volume
6.9 cc with pointer at zero; 8.6 cc at full scale. For the range 0-125" water only: 6.3 cc with pointer at zero; 8.0 cc at full scale

Case volume
1775 cc, with overpressure relief valve built into the back of the case

Maximum case pressure
35 psig

Maximum case leak rate
Will not exceed 6.34 x 10-5 std cc/sec 0.0018 psi/hr.

Case connections
⅛" female NPT

Stainless steel filters are mounted in the orifice of both units and are located in the bottom of the case.

Case construction
Cast aluminum with tempered-glass window. The bezel has no screw holes; case has special clips for easy flush mounting.

Materials exposed to measured gas
Capsule system: Ni-Span C®, soft solder, brass, 303 stainless steel, and silver solder. 303 stainless steel tubing, adapter, and silver solder at pressure connection are optional instead of brass and soft solder.

Case: Ni-span C®, brass, beryllium copper, magnesium, aluminum, ABS, nylon, Elgiloy, soft solder, Buna N, Hypalon, 303 stainless steel, silver solder, synthetic sapphire, white paint, epoxy cement,nickel silver, nickel plating, drawing ink, lacquer.

Weight and shipping weight
Approx. 8 lbs.

Ordering information
When ordering, please specify ordering number, range, and mounting angle. (Extra cost if mounting angle is other than vertical)

Calibration in most metric units available at no extra cost. Non-linear calibration units at extra cost.

Also available is a compact (12¾" H, 12" W, 81/16" D), suitcase-type carrying case with the gauge in a mounted panel. The cover is easily removed and pressure connections can be made without removing the gauge from the case.

Note: This gauge should not be used for corrosive gases or for liquids of any kind

Differential Pressure Test Gauge
  • Differential Pressure Test Gauge
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