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WIKA360 allows existing customers to locate best-fit products through two powerful search engines: Pricing & Availability Item Search and the Product Wizard. By starting with a high-level search, users can then drill into specific product attributes using the Smart Search. WIKA360 houses the last 60 days of Order History and after our Spring Release will now include the last two years of Orders & Invoices History. 


Spring Release:
  • My orders tab will be expanded to include Orders & Invoices
  • Open Orders section will display open orders only
  • Invoices section will display the last 2 years of shipped orders
  • Partial shipments will appear on both the Orders & Invoices screen
  • Information can be located with PO number, order number, and a variety of date fields

    WIKA360 makes it easier to:


  • Select the product you want (See Product Wizard video)


  • Search for your orders & invoices (See Orders & Invoices PDF Guide)


  • Calculate lead times (See Lead Time Calculator video)

    Users may want to reference the WIKA360 Product Overview & Quick Start Guide or the WIKA360 User Guide. Based on user feedback, we have also developed the WIKA360 - Search Best Practices Guide.



    The new platform has a dedicated support specialist that is available during regular business hours.  Please do not hesitate to call 1-855-WIKA-360 for any technical questions related to installation, training, or ongoing use.  The WIKA360 Help Desk can also be reached by email at support@wika360.com




    If you have not already registered for WIKA360, please go to www.wika360.com and click on the “Click Here to Register” button.  On April 6, 2015 we will be closing Online Customer Care.


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