WIKA 360

Don’t hit the back arrow. You’re on WIKA’s Online Customer Care page. Why does it look different? Because we’ve launched a new online customer care portal --WIKA360. 


WIKA360 makes it easier to:


  • Select the product you want (See Product Wizard video)
  • Search for your orders (see Order Lookup video)
  • Calculate lead times (see Lead Time Calculator video)

    Users may want to reference the WIKA360 Product Overview & Quick Start Guide or the WIKA360 User Guide. Based on user feedback, we have also developed the WIKA360 - Search Best Practices Guide.



    The new platform has a dedicated support specialist that is available during regular business hours.  Please do not hesitate to call 1-855-WIKA-360 for any technical questions related to installation, training, or ongoing use.  The WIKA360 Help Desk can also be reached by email at support@wika360.com




    If you have not already registered for WIKA360, please go to www.wika360.com and click on the “Click Here to Register” button.  For a while longer, you can still access Online Customer Care.


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