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WIKA M93X.D1 All Welded System

WIKA M93X.D1 All Welded System


This M93X.D1 all-welded system is a drop-in retrofit for existing gauge or seal assembly. With its rugged design, this seal and gauge assembly can reduce the total number of gauge replacements. The all-welded, temper-resistant construction is ideal for tightly controlled environmental emissions and safety applications. Learn more...







WIKA E-10/E-11 Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitters

WIKA E-10/E-11 Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitters


The E-10/E-11 series pressure transmitters are FM-approved explosion-proof for Class I, Division 1 locations. Utilizing the same thin film technology as the industrial series of presure transmitters, the E-10 and E-11 are well suited for pump and control systems in enclosed environments where volatile or explosive conditions may exist. Learn more…







WIKA 232.54 XMAS Tree Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge

WIKA 232.54 XMAS Tree Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge


Designed specifically for oilfield well heads. Suitable for corrosive environments compatible with 316 stainless steel wetted parts for liquid or gaseous media which will not obstruct the pressure system. Learn more...

WIKA XSEL™ 23X.34 Process Gauge

WIKA XSEL® 23X.34 Process Gauge


Specifically designed for the petroleum and chemical processing industries, WIKA XSEL process gauges have the construction, materials, and engineering it takes to withstand rugged conditions.  They are engineered to deliver years of accurate service, while withstanding vibration, corrosive media, corrosive environments and a wide range of temperature extremes.  WIKA is so confident in the durability and performance of the XSEL process gauge series that it comes with an industry leading warranty. Learn more…

WIKA 23X.53 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge Series

WIKA 23X.53 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge Series


The 23X.53 bourdon tube pressure gauge series from WIKA provides excellent load-cycle stability and shock resistance with all stainless steel construction. This gauge is suitable for corrosive environments and gaseous or liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system. Liquid filled cases are available for applications with high dynamic pressure pulsations or vibrations exist. With a positive pressure ranges to 15,000psi the 23X.53 series is suitable for chemical/petrochemical, power stations, mining, on and offshore, environmental technology, mechanical engineering and plant construction applications.  Learn more…


WIKA TT.52 Thermometer

WIKA TT.52 Thermometer


The WIKA TT.52 thermometer is an option if both analog and 4-20mA output is required. WIKA's Twin-Temp thermometer combines the accuracy, reliability, and easy-to-read dial of a bi-metal thermometer with the precision output and data acquisition capability of a thermocouple or RTD sensor. Every thermowell in your process can have two outputs from one instrument. The TT.52 is designed for applications requiring local readability using a mechanical measuring element while affording an additional means of electronic data acquisition from the same instrument. Learn more…

233.34 Subsea Gauge

WIKA 233.34 Subsea Gauge


Today’s Oil & Gas sub sea fields require robust, proven instrumentation designed to handle depths of 10,000 feet with pressures up to 20,000 psi. The WIKA Subsea gauge is specifically designed to exceed the performance of current designs by offering advanced products that have been hyperbaric chamber tested to assure the results you deserve. Learn more…

3D Series 24 Process/Test Gauge

3D Series-24 Process/Test Gauges


The 3D Series 24 Accu-Drive pressure gauges incorporate the 3D Instruments signature "Direct Drive Difference" Inconel helical bourdon tube system. The "direct drive" concept couples the bourdon tube directly to the shaft-pointer, thereby streamlining the design and reducing the number of moving parts from approximately twelve down to one!! Thirty years of industrial application have proven that this design is vastly superior to the C-bourdon tube and movement system incorporated in other pressure gauges...especially for vibration and pulsation. Learn more…

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