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Hygienic instrumentation

The hygienic design of product-carrying plant components is an essential pre-requisite to avoid microbiological contamination, which goes with ensuring the product‘s quality. As part of the overall hygienic concept of a plant, the measuring instruments used must comply with special requirements on material, surface quality, process safety, connection engineering and cleaning in the scope of the CIP process.

Hygienic standards and safety

Measuring instruments from WIKA are manufactured in conformity with international standards. They meet the stringent requirements of, e.g.:

  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration) 
  • EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group)
  • 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc.
  • ATEX (directive 94/9/EC)

For the proof of conformity within the scope of a HACCP concept, we have an extensive programme ready-certified. For the ongoing testing of the instruments in the context of quality management, a wide range of calibration equipment and calibration services are available.

Process connections

WIKA supplies a wide range of measuring instruments with manufacturer-specific process connections, which are usual in the industry like, for example, milk thread connection DIN 11851, clamp connections to DIN 32676, clamp ISO 2852 and ASME BPE, aseptic connections to DIN 11864, NEUMO®, VARIVENT®, for sterile or aseptic applications.

Global EPC Partner

WIKA has worked with licensing and EPC companies for more than 30 years on major projects all over the world. We partner with you from the planning stages through to completion, and we provide post-project support. In addition to supplying high-quality process measurement instruments for temperature, pressure, level and flow applications, we can also work with you to develop solutions that meet your exact requirements.

WIKA also offers on-site expertise and technical support services to help ensure the success of your project. For more information, contact us at 1-888-945-2872 or